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We look forward to seeing you all at the 28th Annual ISPE SF Vendor Night, featuring nearly 160 exhibitors and over 1000 attendees. Come meet our amazing Delta PM team and learn more about our services and how you can partner with us!


3:00 - 5:00 pm Technical Session (To be announced)

5:00 - 8:00 pm     Exhibits open (Free to attend)

5:30 pm     Reception with complimentary appetizers

Save the Date: ISPE SF CEO Night on 2/19!

What: ISPE SF CEO Night - Dinner & Panel Discussion

When: February 19, 5-8PM

Where: AC Hotel, South San Francisco

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Interested in the latest developments and trends in the local Bay Area biotech hub, and want to learn more about why South San Francisco is such a hot market for these novel biotechnologies? We’ll be exploring all this and more, including what this means for new, emerging technologies, and how this impacts the market, as well as the young, modern bay area work force.  Alison Moore, CTO of Allogene Therapeutics, and Robert Kiss, VP of Process and Analytical Development at Sutro Biopharma, will be sharing their personal stories and insights about the state of the industry.  Keep an eye out for registration and join us for ISPE SF’s most popular event of the year!

Kero Habib, Validation Engineer at Delta PM, shares about his journey as a consultant!

  1. Why did you choose to pursue consulting?

    I chose to pursue consulting for the little slices of freedom that come with it. This job allows me to travel to new places and attend formidable industry events across the country. The versatility of the job requires one to adapt to a new location, equipment, and situations. 

  2. How did you get into Consulting?

    I considered consulting after a few years of working in the industry; dabbling with general manufacturing, formulation, and ultimately validation. Once I began craving to learn more about pharmaceutical equipment and processes, I naturally gravitated to consulting. 

  3. How has consulting with Delta PM been different?

    The team at Delta made an honest attempt to get to know me and my professional motives. They provided guidance at important moments and have always supported me in a multitude of ways. I appreciate their pursuit to get to know me better. 

  4. How has Delta PM empowered you in your career growth and development?

    Delta PM has encouraged and empowered me to further educate myself in the cutting edge technology, techniques, and standards in the industry. My increased involvement in ISPE is a testament to their efforts. 

  5. How has the industry changed over the years?

    The industry is perpetually changing and adapting (hence my admiration behind the name of the company). New standards and techniques are constantly being revised, thus it is a consultant's integral responsibility to keep up and apply them in the service we provide. 

  6. Consulting best practices, tips, or other career advice? 

    Maintain a healthy work life balance — I cannot overstate the importance of that. Reward yourself after completing a challenging project, and allocate time for yourself. Some schedules can be rough at times (especially for consultants); however, balance that out with an adequate reward for your hard work. Ultimately, remember that we work to live, not the reverse. 

Jimmy Chen, Senior Validation Engineer at Delta PM, shares his consulting tips & insights and why he’s chosen to stay with Delta for the past 7 years!

1. Why did you choose to join Delta PM & why consulting?

I joined Delta PM over 7 years ago when it was a much smaller company. I chose Delta because I believed in their leadership and knew that I would be treated with professionalism as a valued member of the team. 

Throughout my 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry, I've flipped between full-time employee and independent contractor numerous times, for numerous reasons. My first consulting job was not so much a calculated move; I just fell into it. However, these past 7 years, I've decided to remain as a consultant at Delta, because I value networking and seeing the big picture of our industry rather than simply climbing the corporate ladder. 

2. How has your experience with Delta been fulfilling or different? 

My experience with Delta PM is and continues to be fulfilling, because I am provided the opportunities I need to keep myself challenged.  Career growth and development cannot happen without opportunity, and Delta has provided me with ample opportunities for me to learn and grow my skill set. 

Consulting at Delta PM has been different from other consulting experiences, because the leadership is different. It's a place where I feel my skill set is valued, and I have a voice that is heard and responded to.

3. What does your role entail? 

My role at Delta has recently begun to evolve. My typical day-to-day involves supporting multiple client projects of my own, in addition to providing equipment qualification support for other Delta PM projects across the Bay Area. Occasionally, I find myself shipping off validation equipment for calibration or meeting our equipment calibration vendors. My role has become more dynamic, which I prefer because it keeps me on my toes. 

4. How would you characterize your team?

Proactive. I know people hate hearing this word, but let's be honest, no one wants to work with lazy co-workers. 

5. what are some challenges that come with consulting?

Generally speaking, I find consulting to be challenging in two ways. First, the subject matter, which is self-explanatory. Second, would be the client site, which includes all the hurdles you need to navigate in order to do your job. These can include simple things like getting access to the printer, the electronic databases, or even just access to the building. Certain aspects can also be more nuanced like developing a feel for the QA reviewer's review style. All of these things add up, and if you don't know how to effectively deal with them, your work schedule can very easily slip away from you.

I love a challenge, but I love success even more. Therefore, I try to set myself up for success by weighing these two areas prior to accepting a project. 

6. How has the industry or consulting changed over the years?

The industry has definitely seen its challenges over the years. Everyone adapts and deals with the challenges as best as they can, but in the end, return to normality is inevitable. With that said, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

7. Any other insights you can share from your Consulting experience?

When I first started consulting, I was always afraid to let my clients down. I was afraid that I wouldn't know the right answers or wouldn't be able to give the right advice. I looked on in awe at the consultants that had been in the industry for years, amassing a wealth of knowledge, and along the way, respect from their peers. I wondered how they could possibly know all the right answers. The truth is, they don't, but they are honest when the answer eludes them, and they are proactive to follow up and give the client guidance to find the right answers. They use all the resources and networks they have in order to do their jobs well. 

In this line of work, it's impossible to know everything. The best consultants know that, know how to find the right answers, and arguably most importantly, are pleasant to work with. If people want to work with you, you've already won half the battle.  

Lastly, networking is essential in consulting. When the chance arrives, it would behoove you to practice and hone your networking skills.

Don't miss ISPE SF/Bay Area's last event of the year!

The ISPE SF/Bay Area Chapter will be closing out the 2018 year with their annual Ugly Sweater Holiday Social this Thursday 12/13 from 5:30–8pm at the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room in Berkeley!  Don your best ugly sweaters and enjoy some complimentary drinks and appetizers while meeting other industry professionals.

Please register here (free for both members and nonmembers) — all experience levels are encouraged to attend!

Delta PM Attends ISPE's SUT Symposium!

Last week, ISPE's SF-Bay Area Chapter hosted a full-day symposium on Single-Use Technologies (SUT). Hosted by Genentech’s Adam Goldstein and Ken Hamilton, and chaired by Delta PM's very own Feras Al-Zubaidy, this event presented an honest assessment of the state-of-the-art single-use technologies in bio-manufacturing. Speakers from Lonza, Genentech, CRB, Bayer, BioMarin, Fluor, Atara, and Boehringer Ingelheim shared their experiences, successes, best practices, and hopes for common solutions to shared challenges.  Discussions encompassed SUT ROI Modeling, Manufacturing Facility Design, Material Selection, and SUS Integration for Plant Automation, as part of several key topics. 


Nearly 300 people from across the Nation came out to participate by asking thought-provoking questions and sharing their successes and best practices with the speakers and fellow attendees. Networking breaks and a cocktail reception provided ample opportunities for deeper discussion and sharing.

Many thanks to Germaine Bickel, Carmen Farnan, Simon Fong, Antony Bonifacio, and the rest of the amazing Genentech crew, the ISPE SF-Bay Area Chapter, and all the speakers and attendees for making this event a huge success. Looking forward to continuing these conversations and seeing you at future events!

Share your Single-Use Technology expertise with Delta PM & ISPE!


Single Use Systems have increased their rate of adoption in biopharmaceutical manufacturing in the last several years. Unfortunately, however, the industry lacks a full understanding of the unintended consequences and challenges slowing the adoption of Single Use technologies.

This short survey intends to spark conversations and begin addressing some of these issues. We value your time and insights, so please feel free to enter your email address to be entered into a drawing for your choice of a $200 International Smoke gift card or a $500 donation made in your name to the Butte County Firefighter Benevolent Foundation for the firefighters affected by the Camp Fire. Email addresses will not be provided to vendors and your responses will remain confidential. 

The results from the survey will be analyzed and published by Delta PM and ISPE to provide further insights to the biopharmaceutical industry. Our goal is to highlight challenges of Single Use Systems implementation, facilitate a deeper discussion about these concerns, and help our industry better collaborate with Single Use suppliers and vendors.

LAST CALL to Sign-Up for the ISPE SF Bay Area Chapter's Single-Use Technology (SUT) Symposium!

Last week to register for ISPE San Francisco Bay Area Chapter’s Single-Use Technology (SUT) Symposium! We sold-out at the previous location, so we’ve secured a larger venue and re-opened registration for you here. Don’t miss out and sign-up before tickets sell out (again)!

Date/Time: Tuesday, November 27, 2018 from 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Location: Genentech's South San Francisco Campus — 401 DNA Way, Building 21
(*Note: Location has changed from previous flyer to accommodate larger attendance)

This immersive all-day conference will showcase knowledge and expertise of state-of-the-art SUT from industry professionals at Genentech, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc., Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Juno Therapeutics, Inc., Atara Biotherapeutics, Lonza, and CRB. This symposium will be a great opportunity to learn, ask tough questions, and network with your peers. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

More information and an event schedule can be found at:

The Delta PM team shares about our booth and more at the 2018 ISPE Annual Meeting in PA!

“This year’s ISPE Annual Meeting was an unforgettable week! With 3,000+ attendees for the week, it was one of the largest Annual Meetings ISPE has ever held. Everyday, a crowd of people would head to the Philadelphia Convention Center for the various educational sessions hosted by ISPE members from all around the globe. Throughout the day and during the networking breaks, attendees were also able to view all the booths and snag some great swag.

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Our amazing Delta PM team, including Scott Kobayashi, Feras Al-Zubaidy, Aaron Hubbell, Sumaiya Reza, and myself, hosted a booth and met a plethora of fabulous people! We had interesting conversations with SMEs, managers, specialists, and more within the Biotechnology industry. We gave out tons of swag, and everyone enjoyed the different games we had each day, like Bean Bag Toss, Target Shooting, and Ball Toss. All players had a chance to win our awesome stainless-steel water bottles and portable battery chargers, and we also had a Grand Raffle Prize for a $250 Visa Gift Card — the lucky winner was Alycia Fulton from Blue Bird Bio! Congratulations to all the winners, and hope to see you at next year’s ISPE Annual Meeting in Las Vegas!”

- Stacy Pham, Validation PM and San Diego Regional Lead at Delta PM

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“I joined ISPE several years ago, but only this year did I attend my first Annual Meeting and Expo — and wow, was I missing out! This event was an opportunity to catch up with some old friends and colleagues, make new connections, and learn more about the innovator companies and vendors, who are driving some incredible advances in this industry. The spirit of collaboration is alive and strong in ISPE, proven by the collegial conversations between individuals and companies in the Expo hall and the various networking events.

Image from iOS (51).jpg

My high-point of the Meeting was flying the flag for Delta in the 5K run to benefit the American Diabetes Association. 90 runners and walkers braved a chilly drizzle to run along the scenic Schuylkill River at 6:30 in the morning, and I'm happy to report that I made Delta proud by coming across the finish line in first place.

I look forward to continue building connections through my local Boston Area ISPE Chapter, and can't wait for ISPE 2019 in Las Vegas!”

- Aaron Hubbell, East Coast Regional Director at Delta PM

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“The 2018 ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo brought in personnel with a worldwide scope in Quality, Science, and Engineering in the Biopharmaceutical field. We had some excellent conversations, including discussions around Gene and Cell Therapy, Construction Management and new facilities, and Artificial Intelligence, and saw new business systems and approaches from the Expo that will be beneficial to building quality and compliance in the industry.

Delta PM had the great pleasure of meeting with colleagues in the Life Science industries and is excited about future partnerships ahead. With Delta PM's stance in the industry with professionals in Commissioning, Qualification, Validation, and Quality, we bring the best in consulting services. We look forward to connecting with you further and seeing the great things we can accomplish together!”

- Sumaiya Reza, Director of Client Services at Delta PM

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