Delta PM Turns 13 (and is now a teenager??)


This past Sunday, September 8th, Delta PM reached its 13th year in business.  It’s crazy to look back on that day in 2006 when Feras and Matt and I decided to create our own company driven by a desire to focus on relationships.  I can tell you that as a business owner, it’s a journey that is full of ups and downs, long hours, and blood, sweat, and tears.  Contrary to what some may think, there’s very little glory in all of this :)

What I can honestly tell you though is that it really is the people and relationships that keep me going every day.  There may not be much glory, but there is an over-abundance of satisfaction in seeing a business and the people who work in it grow to achieve things you never thought possible.  If you are going to continue to stay in business, you have to love the people you partner with as well as the people you do it for.  I’m lucky because I have a great partner in Feras, get to support all the amazing people at Delta (it’s also been an honor to support those who have moved on to other opportunities over the years), and have the opportunity to collaborate with our clients across the country.  My daily goal is to make sure we get a little bit better every day as an employer and as a service provider.  Most days that happens, and to be honest there are days when it doesn’t.  But that goal of getting better over time remains constant. 


We’ve all been teenagers ourselves, and if the metaphor holds true, then these next few years at Delta will be interesting if nothing else!  I expect us to make mistakes, grow in random spurts, challenge established norms, make new friends, move to new places, and perhaps be a little awkward at times as we find our way, but I vow that we will do our best to maintain our spirit and core values as a company.  We will always be Delta PM.


If there’s one thought I’d like anyone to take away from this blog post, it’s that after 13 years I have never been prouder of Delta PM as an organization of professionals, and more excited about our future in the industry.  The best version of ourselves is yet to come.  

- Scott Kobayashi

Co-Founder and CEO