Delta PM’s Willis Wong gets his DeltaV training!

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Back in February, I attended a week-long training course at Emerson’s training center located in Round Rock, TX. This course was recommended to me while I was leading a deviation investigation for a client, where the root cause was determined to be automation-related. The course was designed for those responsible for obtaining key production data, as well as maintaining, configuring, and troubleshooting a DeltaV distributed control system (DCS). I have worked with Python and Ruby in the past, but had no experience working within a DCS, so this course was perfect for me.

Since completing the course, I have led more deviation investigations, and armed with knowledge I’ve gained from attending the course, I was able have a better understanding of the automation aspects for the issues at hand. Additionally, I’ve successfully completed recipe qualification in a DeltaV environment, and have several more automation projects on the way.

In the three years I’ve been with Delta PM, not only have my managers always taken the time to understand my personal and career goals, but they are also constantly on the lookout for opportunities where I can achieve these goals. It’s one of the many ways Delta PM has supported my development and aspirations.

Thank you Delta PM for giving me this opportunity!