Scott Kobayashi, CEO of Delta PM, visits the ISPE Boston Chapter!

“A couple weeks ago, I attended the ISPE Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference in Boston, MA. It was a very well organized event with engaging speakers, networking, socials, and facility tours. Many of the speakers focused on topics that included ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) manufacturing scale-up, how it compares to traditional mAb manufacturing, various issues around integrating different single-use technology platforms, and unique supply chain issues associated with delivering personalized medicines.”


“A highlight of the conference was an event called Balance for Better in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing. The overarching theme was how to achieve better gender balance within our industry. A panel of speakers discussed building balanced leadership teams and recruiting from college engineering programs, as well as how to take ownership of your career, the process of finding a mentor, and how to take on responsibility and then deliver.

I enjoyed the breakout sessions within each table. My table in particular spoke to the group about the importance of pushing STEM curriculums as early as possible in the educational system, in order to achieve a balanced recruiting effort and address the significant gender imbalance which may already be established at the college level.”


“I also had a great time connecting with our growing Delta PM team based in Boston. Very excited for what our future holds!”

- Scott Kobayashi, CEO of Delta PM

Robert Cakounes, Kirill Sinyavsky, Stan Liu, Scott Kobayashi, and Eric Nelsen

Robert Cakounes, Kirill Sinyavsky, Stan Liu, Scott Kobayashi, and Eric Nelsen