Delta PM’s Aaron Hubbell Assists in Launching ISPE Boston’s First Half-Day PM Conference!

“I had the privilege of helping the ISPE Boston Chapter organize their first half-day conference. This was my first time working behind-the-scenes, but I shouldn't have been surprised by the amount of work required to bring a conference such as this from concept to reality.

The Educational Programs Committee worked from the beginning of the year to identify the topic, date, location, and speakers. As a team, we decided that Project Management would be the overall focus, given the huge number of capital projects underway in the Boston life sciences space. We also decided to hone in on the culture of project management, meaning what we could do to ensure we build the right culture within our projects to ensure success. 

My small role in all of this was to work with one of our speakers on finalizing a topic for the session, develop the content together, and manage the logistics for the session. Steve Marr, Takeda's Head of Capital, was my assigned speaker within the track of "Tools and Techniques for Effective Project Management." Steve proposed a talk centering on Shire/Takeda's 2018 Facility of the Year Award winner, Los Angeles Building 8. The story behind Building 8 was fascinating, featuring various design challenges, such as integration into an existing operational site without interruption of services, siting the new building less than 6 inches from an existing adjacent building, and relocating half-century-old utility services with layout diagrams just as old as the utilities themselves!

In the end, Takeda's LA Building 8 was successful and represents an excellent model for new construction on an older site with sever footprint limitations — proven by the FOYA accolades.

The other conference sessions were quite interesting as well, with a riveting keynote from Pfizer's Gil Stevens and conference tracks focusing on Organizational Culture, Strategies and Tactics, and Tools and Techniques. I enjoyed being behind-the-scenes and helping out with the organizational duties, and am looking forward to next year's conference!”

- Aaron Hubbell, East Coast Regional Director at Delta PM