Delta PM Hits the Slopes at the ISPE Ski Trip!


“The 2019 ISPE Ski Trip in Waterville Valley was a wonderful experience. I was motivated to take advantage of the winter weather in New England (which can be difficult to overcome at times), and overall, it was a phenomenal way to kick off the month of March. Some of the many highlights included skiing with those I had never skied with prior, bonding with the East Coast Deltoids at Delta PM (Nicole Rivera, Nephtali Roman-Reyes, Kero Habib, and Aaron Hubbell), soaking in the sun at the summit, learning about the landscapes of the surrounding mountain ranges within view, and meeting many new industry faces in the lodge and on the "legendary" bus ride. 


I learned very quickly that this event is much more than just a networking experience or an opportunity to bond with coworkers, it's an annual tradition for many folks and they make it a priority. I am very thankful to the ISPE for organizing this event and deeply appreciate the efforts of both the sponsors and organizers for their contributions year after year. It was exciting to see our Delta PM team had 5 members in attendance, and I think we scored a 10/10 as a unit for our attitudes and efforts on the hill. As the day unfolded, it became very clear to me that it doesn't matter what we are doing as a group, we always exceed each other's expectations.”

- Eric Nelsen, Northeast Regional Validation Manager at Delta PM