Veronica Torchia, Validation Engineer at Delta PM, Shares Her Journey as a Consultant!

  1. Why did you choose to pursue consulting?

    After working in the industry for several years and being exposed to many different roles, validation seemed like the best fit. I also wanted the freedom that consulting allowed. Having the opportunity to broaden my skillset by working on a variety of projects at a variety of locations is a dream come true!

  2. Why did you join Delta PM?

    I had only heard good things about Delta regarding the culture, the opportunity for growth, and the awesome people from Deltoids I had met at previous positions. I also experienced it all firsthand throughout the interview process.

  3. How has your experience with Delta been fulfilling or different? 

    The ability to expand my knowledge and skill set by working on so many different projects has been incredibly fulfilling. Even more so is the encouragement, guidance, and knowledge shared by the Delta PM team, which has empowered me to continue to grow and develop. Through Delta, I have also had numerous opportunities to attend industry events, where I’m constantly learning about new advancements or better ways of doing things. All of this ensures that my role never feels stale.

  4. How would you characterize your team?

    The Delta team is extremely supportive, so that even working on a solo project never feels isolating. I know I can always reach out to my coworkers with questions or for support. Plus, there are awesome company events where everyone is able to come together to catch up.