Eric Nelsen, Northeast Validation Manager, shares about his experience consulting with Delta PM!


1. Why did you choose to pursue consulting?

Consulting offers a tremendous opportunity for professional growth and an undercurrent of merit-based opportunities that reward performance. There are so many niches in the industry that most consultants seem to find something that fits them perfectly. Pursuing a career in consulting is one of the most effective ways to build a vast and valuable network, since it allows you to work with multiple clients and stakeholders and build relationships across multiple organizations.


2. How did you get into Consulting?

I entered the consulting arena in 2014 through a networking opportunity with industry colleagues, and my first assignment was a project with an R&D Validation group working on Analytical Laboratory Qualification. This was a “stretch” role for me at this point in my career, so it was a challenge, as I was building upon a skill set outside of my initial comfort level. My skills were rather junior, but I was given the opportunity to prove myself. I quickly became the “go-to” resource on our team to take on additional projects and keep the team moving forward. I knew that I wanted to continue to push myself and develop my skill set, so it became apparent rather quickly that consulting was the correct career path for me.

3. Why did you decide to join Delta PM?

Delta’s mission is to deliver successful outcomes for our patients through exceptional work and going above and beyond our capacity to meet our clients’ expectations. With Delta PM, you are getting a network of Life Science professionals with a wide range of technical offerings, in addition to a successful track record of executing compliance-related projects and a reputation for delivering quality work on-time and on-budget. Delta PM’s core competencies as an organization align almost identically with my personal values as a biopharma consultant, so I was humbled that my reputation after 7 years of professional work experience enabled me to work for such an admirable organization. 

4. How has your experience with Delta PM been fulfilling or different? 

Employees at all levels within Delta are empowered to make internal recommendations or suggestions for improvement within the organization, which has been a very fulfilling experience. As a firm with an aggressive growth strategy to expand our footprint globally, there is an emphasis on teamwork with our current staff to ensure a collaborative effort is maintained throughout all phases of our approach for expansion. Delta PM’s trust and confidence in its employees is unlike any organization I have worked for and this is one of most motivating aspects of working with them.

5. What does your role at Delta PM entail? 

I am accountable for providing technical leadership support to DPM staff at various client sites, as well as business development throughout the East Coast region. Some of my specific responsibilities include facilitation of new customer relationships, sales, and account management, RFP response, scope and labor estimate(s), and technical screening for evaluation of internal candidates. I am also utilized as a billable consultant for niche projects that align well with my technical background in Validation and Engineering.  

6. What is your favorite company memory? 

The 2018 DPM Holiday Party has been a very fond memory for me. Every member of the East Coast team came together and we were able to bond on a personal level and celebrate the year’s successes — the most notable success being the significant increase in headcount within the East Coast region compared to previous years.

7. Any Consulting best practices, tips, or other career advice you’d like to share?

Establishing trust with the client is one of the most critical factors to be considered, as it can be very difficult to re-establish good rapport with your coworkers if that relationship is compromised. It is also important to note that your behavior, attitude, and willingness to take on additional responsibilities above and beyond your assigned day-to-day tasks is often considered to be a direct reflection of the company that you represent.