Meet Alicia Matthews, Senior Recruiter at Delta PM!

1. Why did you choose to join Delta PM?

Having been in Recruiting for over 6 years, I’ve had the privilege of working at some great companies with some wonderful people.  When Delta reached out to me about this new career opportunity, I immediately felt a connection to the team and to what Delta was doing as a company, and I knew that I had to be a part of it all.  I was drawn to the fact that everyone was so proud of being a “Deltoid” (a pride that I now own as well), and that everybody on the team worked to achieve the goals of the company together, as well as celebrating individual wins.  I have to say that this has been the best career choice I’ve ever made!

2. How has your experience been fulfilling or different?

Recruiting is fulfilling in so many different ways.  Bringing new opportunities to talented individuals and providing great talent to important clients makes me feel wonderful about what I do, however; recruiting at Delta has brought another level of fulfillment to my job.  Not only do I talk daily to people about a company that I respect, appreciate, and value so highly, but I also am able share with them how they can contribute to our goals and be a part of such an amazing team — my day-to-day no longer feels like work to me.  It's like they say, “Find a job that you love, and never work another day in your life.”

3. What does your role entail?

As a Recruiter, I consider myself to be a kind of matchmaker for the career world.  I have the distinct privilege of finding talented industry professionals and developing a strong relationship and bond with them, as they are interviewed and taken through the entire onboarding process with Delta.  The best part is getting to meet these individuals at company get-togethers and hearing about how happy they are in their new roles and how much they love being a Deltoid.

4. How would you describe your team?

We may be small, but we are fierce!  Our Ops team is a smaller team (about 15 of us), but this allows us to have a lot more interaction, collaboration, and connection to each other.   This team is one that will be there for all of the wins and the struggles to celebrate you, help you every step of the way, and encourage and motivate you to meet your own goals too.  I couldn’t ask for a better group to spend my days with!

5. What is your favorite company memory?

I haven’t quite hit my one year mark yet, but my time with Delta has already been filled with some awesome memories.  I’d have to say that my favorite memory thus far was the SF ISPE Vendor Night.  I got to see our competitors in action (though they’ve got nothing on Delta, in my opinion), meet most of our consultants that I had heard so much about, and also spend some quality time with the entire team afterwards, bowling and having a blast together.  Each person’s title and role didn’t matter; we were all just one big family that genuinely enjoyed spending time together — a true representation of the culture of Delta and just a part of what makes this company the best place I’ve ever worked!