Meet Willis Wong, Validation Engineer at Delta PM!

  1. Why did you join Delta PM?

    All of the people I met that worked at Delta PM were happy, motivated, and capable individuals. I knew that these were the people I wanted to have as coworkers, mentors, and friends. When Delta extended an offer, I jumped at the opportunity to become a part of the team.

  2. how has your experience with Delta been Different or fulfilling?

    Delta PM has been very supportive and encouraging of my career development goals. They actively engage with me in these conversations and proactively look for opportunities where I can learn and grow my career. Also, the team camaraderie and support for one another at Delta is truly special. Even though we may not always be on the same projects, I always feel comfortable approaching any Deltoid for advice and encouragement.

  3. What does your role entail and why did you choose to pursue consulting? 

    I am currently involved with various projects as a Validation Engineer. In this client-facing role, I collaborate with subject matter experts and project managers to author, schedule, and execute validation-related documents, such as commissioning and qualification protocols.  I enjoy consulting because I thrive on "high speed, low drag" kind of work.  This type of project-based work also allows me to meet tons of talented and creative people.  

  4. What’s your favorite memory during your time at delta?

    It's not particularly exciting, but there was a particularly rough patch of execution work that the team completed. That very same night we went out for dinner afterwards, and it may have been the best pizza I've had in a very long time.

  5. Do you have any Consulting best practices, tips, or other career advice?

    In general, I've found that doing the right thing, even though it may be hard, has resulted in many opportunities and lifelong friendships.