Meet Tim Hornstein, Validation Engineer at Delta PM!


Why did you choose to pursue consulting?

Consulting gave me the opportunity to get out of my hometown and travel the country with more flexibility than any other profession I could find. 

Why did you choose to join Delta PM?

I had lived in Syracuse my entire life and felt that if I didn't leave my hometown soon, I would never leave and would always wonder what else is out there. Delta has given me the unique opportunity to travel across the country and experience different places for an extended period of time to see what I liked and disliked about each location.  

How has your experience with Delta been fulfilling or different? 

Delta has consistently put me in positions I've never been in before, in addition to providing the support necessary for me to complete the tasks at hand. Over the last year, I've lived in and explored three different cities — Gainesville Florida, San Francisco, and Houston — while working on three very distinct projects to grow and diversify my skills. Each project has provided new opportunities to learn new things and grow, both professionally and personally. 

What does your role entail? 

My role and day-to-day responsibilities depend on the project I’m on. I've been responsible for setting up an analytical instrument validation program in Gainesville, worked as part of a large team writing final reports for the qualification of temperature chambers in Berkeley, and even performed the entire qualification process on a wide range of equipment in Houston. 

What’s your favorite company memory? 

Delta PM’s Holiday Party is probably my favorite memory so far. I thought it was very cool that they brought everyone from all around the country together for a night, regardless of where their projects were. I met a bunch of great people that I hadn't had the opportunity to work with yet, and everyone was very excited to be there.  It was great to see the community that Delta has built, and it felt like everyone was friends, not just coworkers.    

Any other Consulting tips or other career advice?

Take an extra 5 minutes to check your work one more time, and don't be afraid to speak up!