Delta PM Attends ISPE SD Vendor Night!

Last Thursday, the Delta Team attended the Oktoberfest-themed ISPE San Diego Chapter Vendor Night. The evening started with two great speakers: Dr. Harry Gruber, Founder & President of Tocagen, and Dr. John Hood, Founder & CEO of Impact Biomedicines. They both spoke about the challenges and development of each company’s cancer therapies. Since finding the cure for cancer has been a popular topic in the biotechnology world, these two speakers captivated the audience with the technology and experience they shared.

After the speakers, it was time for the vendor exhibition. This is the largest ISPE SD event and is also the only Vendor Night held outdoors. This year it was hosted in the Illumina i3 Courtyard, where the sidewalk and lawn were lined with over 70 vendors, overlooking the Miramar area. The Delta Team (Feras Al-Zubaidy, Scott Kobayashi, Colin Larsen, and Stacy Pham) spent the night connecting with new and old contacts around the courtyard and at our booth!


The night ended with a Raffle Drawing, for which Delta PM sponsored a set of amazing Crate & Barrel Beer mugs! Thanks to Stacy Sutton, Ashok Gopinath, John Ricci, Bethany Franks, Ray Jan, Vanessa Small, and Murtaza Kapadia for stopping by our booth; Johnny Gonzales, Fred Carmody, Nick Oberts, John Cott, and Jaymie Smith for introducing yourselves and playing our version of Roulette; and last but not least, ISPE for a great evening and San Diego for the perfect weather!