Kero Habib, Validation Engineer at Delta PM, shares about his journey as a consultant!

  1. Why did you choose to pursue consulting?

    I chose to pursue consulting for the little slices of freedom that come with it. This job allows me to travel to new places and attend formidable industry events across the country. The versatility of the job requires one to adapt to a new location, equipment, and situations. 

  2. How did you get into Consulting?

    I considered consulting after a few years of working in the industry; dabbling with general manufacturing, formulation, and ultimately validation. Once I began craving to learn more about pharmaceutical equipment and processes, I naturally gravitated to consulting. 

  3. How has consulting with Delta PM been different?

    The team at Delta made an honest attempt to get to know me and my professional motives. They provided guidance at important moments and have always supported me in a multitude of ways. I appreciate their pursuit to get to know me better. 

  4. How has Delta PM empowered you in your career growth and development?

    Delta PM has encouraged and empowered me to further educate myself in the cutting edge technology, techniques, and standards in the industry. My increased involvement in ISPE is a testament to their efforts. 

  5. How has the industry changed over the years?

    The industry is perpetually changing and adapting (hence my admiration behind the name of the company). New standards and techniques are constantly being revised, thus it is a consultant's integral responsibility to keep up and apply them in the service we provide. 

  6. Consulting best practices, tips, or other career advice? 

    Maintain a healthy work life balance — I cannot overstate the importance of that. Reward yourself after completing a challenging project, and allocate time for yourself. Some schedules can be rough at times (especially for consultants); however, balance that out with an adequate reward for your hard work. Ultimately, remember that we work to live, not the reverse.