Delta PM Attends the PDA Women's Event!

"Delta PM attended the Annual West Coast Chapter PDA Women in the Biopharmaceutical Industry event for the second time this year.  I attended this year's event, hosted at Genentech, with our Validation Engineer, Veronica Torchia. The panel moderator, Lori, was engaging and had her own unique story about her career path.  The panelists all had a diverse range of backgrounds, educations, career paths, and career goals.  It was inspiring to hear from the women about their setbacks and their perseverance.  There was energy in the room which everyone could feel.  The audience asked probing questions to which all of the panelists had useful advice on how to navigate the workforce. 

Events that focus on the unique women's perspective are vital; this was proven when one of the men in the audience asked, "Since you are all so accomplished and powerful, does this mean the glass ceiling has been broken?" to which all the women looked at each other knowingly.  The panelists did not stray away from discussing tough subjects and sharing their honest experiences as a women in the Biopharmaceutical Industry.  Hearing from women in all different phases of their careers was empowering and motivating.  Delta PM is proud to support the growth of women in this industry. As Lori closed out the event, she summed it up well, "We laughed, we cried. I know I had a great time here."

- Hannah Sherman, Operations Manager at Delta PM


"The PDA women in Biopharmaceutical Industry event was an amazing experience.  The six distinguished panelists touched on several topics, such as their personal career paths, mentoring, broaching tough subjects with managers, how to take a big career leap, and of course the glass ceiling.  Looking around the room, it was clear how relatable so many of the panelists personal experiences were to many of the attendees. 

One of the notable themes from the night was taking the next step or the big career leap no matter how scary it is, and to stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough to succeed.  Director of Quality at Boehringer-Ingelheim, Catherine Kavanagh, gave some of the best advice when finally making that big move of “breathe through the terror,” and to give some time time and space of at least a month prior to evaluating whether the move was the right decision.  Another notable theme was that it is never too late to change career directions or pursue something else that you’re passionate about.  All panelists encouraged everyone in the room to follow their passions.  Overall, the event addressed a lot of career questions or concerns that all people have at some point in an extremely inspiring and uplifting way."

- Veronica Torchia, Validation Engineer at Delta PM