Meet Delta PM's Accounting Manager, Steve Sim!

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1. Why did you join Delta PM?

I wanted to join a team that valued my contributions, and one where I was able to make a difference.  Delta PM was my first client when I started my career, and I was able to see steady growth in the company while maintaining the culture that I fell in love with.  My skills can be applied across any industry and any company, but I chose Delta because I believe in our people, our mission, and that someday, we will be the ones that everyone else in our industry will be chasing.

2. How has your experience been fulfilling or different? 

Accounting is accounting, but I'm able to do it for a company that is making a difference with our partners.  Feeling like I am making even the smallest contribution in treating and curing diseases makes my experience with Delta vastly different from my prior jobs.  I also actually like the people I work with, which is not something I'm used to, and do not take for granted.  My opinions are heard, my recommendations are implemented, and I'm able to make real changes when necessary.

3. What does your role entail? 

I manage the open purchase orders and work closely with our account managers and leadership daily.  I also review and analyze the financials to help make informed business decisions on budget and spend.  From corresponding with clients to meeting with advisors, my role is diverse and I'm able and required to wear many hats.

4. How would you characterize your team? 

Our operations team is easily the best one I've ever been a part of.  There is zero ego, we work together very well, and we' re all pulling in the same direction to keep Delta growing and more successful than it's ever been.  Everybody works hard and is able to contribute their own version of Deltoid, while still being on the same page with everyone else. 

5. What’s your favorite company memory? 

So many to choose from.. But the SF ISPE Vendor Night was the first industry event I was able to take part in.  I heard anecdotally about the stereotype of our competitors in the industry, but seeing it first-hand was eye-opening, to say the least.  The other players seemed stale and stuck in the past, while we had a very different energy and much more diverse look about us.  We're taking over, so come and join us!  Also... Delta hosts amazing holiday parties =)