Derek Kornacki, Project Manager, shares about his experience working with Delta PM!

“Delta Project Management has provided me with the invaluable opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best and brightest in the industry.  

Scott and Feras' connections in the Bay Area’s biopharmaceutical community run deep, as they have been proving Delta's commitment to service for many years now.  When I mention to any given peer that I work for Delta PM, they invariably know Scott and Feras, and always have positive things to say about them.

What initially drew me to Delta was their diverse group of vibrant and energetic employees, who constantly look for professional development.  After a few years of working with them, I’ve seen the group continue to grow with that same focus. Each time we get together for a company event, I’m always reminded of the talent that Delta has drawn, and I hope to continue being a part of it for years to come!”