Delta PM Sponsors a Golf Island Paradise at the 24th Annual ISPE Fun Day!

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On a summer morning at a Napa Valley golf course, Delta Project Management was living the island life.  At ISPE’s 24th Annual Fun Day, we sponsored a hole where we set up our Hawaiian-themed booth to offer the ISPE golfers some refreshments.  A wide range of industry members, from field technicians to CEOs and from owners to contractors, brought their clubs out for a round of 18.  We were able interact with both old industry acquaintances and new business connections in a much different setting than the usual opportunities, which made for some productive, yet very light-hearted conversations.

As a natural introvert, networking has always been a challenge for me.  However, I decided I needed to change that when I started my career.  It’s opportunities such as this that have allowed me to grow and feel more comfortable.  At this point, I’m still not quite Feras-level socialite, but I can hold my own.  As much as I appreciated meeting so many representatives from the industry, I appreciated the chance to spend time with the Delta squad just as much, if not more.  By nature of our operation, I don’t get to see Delta folks enough -- so when I do, it’s such a blessing.  I had a great experience on our golf island paradise, and would recommend the experience to everyone.

-Daryl Cheng, Project Engineer at Delta PM

This was my second year in a row participating in the ISPE Fun Day at Chardonnay, and I ran into a few of the regulars.  It was nice seeing old faces and catching up with people from Biomarin, Genentech, and Novartis.

The most exciting part was running into new faces from colleagues at Bayer, who I can connect with on-site.  It was also nice meeting new people at Novo Construction, Siemens, and Hathaway Dinwiddie, as I currently only know DOME construction guys.

Overall, the event shed a positive light on Delta PM, and hopefully reminded people that they can use us as a resource.  Scott and Feras’ names still have a lot of weight and people universally recalled fond memories of working with them.

- Jack Chism, Validation Engineer at Delta PM

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A big thank you to ISPE and all of the sponsors and attendees for making this event happen - looking forward to seeing you all at future events!