Stacy Pham, Validation PM and San Diego Regional Lead, shares what set apart her consulting experience at Delta PM!

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Some of the few contractors I had worked with at the beginning of my career were highly-specialized team members flown in from across the States in order to fill a temporary void; then after a couple months, they would return to their normal lives. Now, desired contractors have shifted to becoming local employees who are experimental team members, where skills are tested for trust and permanence on the team, regardless of what company you might work for. So, developing with a team, no matter who it is comprised of, is an important skill for contractors. 

I started my career in a contract manufacturing position, where I had a phone interview and was immediately placed. All of my paperwork was faxed or emailed and I never interfaced with the team in-person, until I was hired on as a full-time employee. I learned a lot from the position, but it became clear that my role would not develop and no change would come, regardless of being full-time or not. I continued to transition between full-time positions, as I outgrew the position. 

Then along came Delta PM, who flipped my experience with consulting upside-down. My hiring process with Delta was the total polar opposite of my first. After 2 phone interviews, I was able to meet others who worked for Delta PM and hear their insights about the company; this experience was much more personal and reflective of how I would be treated as an employee of Delta. While working at my first site, I met up with the Account Manager at least every other week, and he took the time to get to know me. Over time, consulting with Delta gave me the chance to nurture my validation and project management skills and easily transition into new and exciting roles. I also recently received my PMP certification through Delta as well!

In the first 2 years since I started working with Delta PM, I have transitioned from a Validation Engineer to a Project Manager, and am now the Regional Lead for San Diego. Delta PM has made me a part of every team and treated me as a valued asset. I would not have had the chance to develop and grow as much as I did without the trust and confidence my teams have had in me!