Delta PM Visits the ISPE Vertex Facility in San Diego!

Last week, our SoCal operations team (Feras, Colin, and Stacy) attended the ISPE Vertex Facility Tour.  The event was held in the newly completed company courtyard, overlooking the beautiful La Jolla neighborhood in San Diego.  The networking hour at the start of the event allowed us to connect with many people who were involved in the construction of the building and all of the finished labs and office spaces.  It was amazing to hear first-hand about the complexity of the building from those who will be using the building, like Maren Wight and Jon Hendricks. 


The evening continued with a panel of people who worked to make the building possible, like the Operations Director of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Jeff Barbee; the building owner from Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Chris Clement; and the Project Manager from BNBuilders, Nick Reikow, to name a few.  All of their answers to many of the questions regarding construction included the desire for an open concept and a fully integrated facility. 

We were lucky enough to see this state-of-the-art facility with Jeff Barbee and Nick Reikow guiding our tour.  The artwork, lighting, and glass curtains between each room gave the room a unique twist to the labs.  There was one point where we could see through a meeting room, through to the office space, and into the labs.  If the transparent design is suggestive of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, their team's culture, values, and work are definitely ahead of the industry!