CLSA's 3rd Anniversary Celebration in San Diego!

Last night, I attended the CLSA 3rd Anniversary Celebration & Open House of JLabs in San Diego.  The networking event was held outside of the lab with a wide array of vendors on the patio, overlooking La Jolla.  I spent a lot of the time having great conversations with CEOs, writers, researchers, and other professionals.  This was my first CLSA event and had a very fun time -- everyone was very welcoming and excited to be there! 


Although there were a couple of vendors for foods and drinks, The Wine Militia did an amazing job pouring wine for the crowds.  They even hosted a Blind Wine Tasting, where 4 plain bottles were bagged and poured for guests to predict which wine was which red prominent varietal.  Everyone gathered around in curiosity and excitement to put their wine palates to the test.

The event concluded with an outstanding raffle, including prizes ranging from Amazon gift cards and wine picnic kits to even a drone!  I was lucky enough to win a home beer-brewing set!  Another big thank you to CLSA for hosting such a great event!

- Stacy Pham, Validation PM & San Diego Regional Lead at Delta PM