Meet Joycelin Luc, Project Engineer at Delta PM!


I joined Delta in September 2017 and recently finished my first assignment at Bayer Healthcare.  My role consisted of providing general engineering support to the Site Facilities Department.  I supported the building owner by conducting daily facilities walkthroughs, generating energy control procedures, creating and submitting forms to get spare parts into SAP, walking down and red-lining P&ID drawings for a purified water system, and doing many other tasks.  It has been a rewarding experience to gain this work experience and learn about the efforts that go into the daily operation and maintenance of a building.

I was first exposed to the consulting industry when I joined my previous employer upon graduation from UC Irvine in 2014.  What attracted me to consulting was the opportunity to be exposed to different companies and work in various roles.  Like most college grads, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do.  Consulting seemed like a great way to help me figure that out.

Through consulting, I’ve worked at small, mid-size, and big companies.  I’ve worked on assignments independently, and also with a team of 10 individuals.  I am always on my toes, constantly learning, and rarely find myself plateauing.  This is the beauty of consulting – you get to explore assignments of different scopes, lengths, and environments.

My experience with Delta PM has been rewarding so far.  Delta has allowed me the opportunity to work at one of the biggest names in the biotech industry, and understand how such a company operates on a large scale, including their benefits and drawbacks.  Although I do not personally have any Deltoids on my team, I was welcomed with open arms by the Delta validation team just a few desks away.  It’s a great feeling to know the Delta family is always around!