Meet Lee Anderson, Senior Quality Engineer at Delta!

1. How did you get into consulting?

I started consulting with a firm back in '95, then I got back into it after a lay-off in 2014.  After 25 yrs in the industry, I was familiar with all the local validation contractor and consulting agencies -- Delta was the obvious pick.  

2. What is different about Delta PM, and why do you enjoy consulting at Delta?

Delta PM has gone out of their way to find me interesting local work with a reasonable commute.  I enjoy working on challenging projects with a good team for support, and I also enjoy mentoring junior employees, teaching more advanced skills, and helping advance their careers.  Overall, Delta PM provides great employee support, both personal and technical, on a routine, day-to-day basis, or as needed.  You get a strong sense of being part of a team -- a team with a great, can-do, winning attitude.

3. How has consulting and the industry changed over the years?

Consulting has certainly become more common and there are now more agencies in the business.  As technology has advanced, there are more specialties needed, including Process Automation Technology (PAT), software validation, data integrity, single-use manufacturing systems, ready-to-use filled syringes, modular construction, spray dried drugs, and many more.  These are all technologies that were unheard of or just incipient when I first started out.  Furthermore, now the internet makes it a lot easier to get a cut sheet when you need it, whereas there was no internet when I got started in the industry.

4. Do you have any career advice or insights to share about consulting?

Your job security comes from your skill set and your network, so continue taking on opportunities to grow them.  Also, pay attention to communication, especially your writing -- use good sentence structure, proofread your emails, and develop good data presentation skills.  Don't assume you'll be understood you just because you know what you mean to say.