Meet Paul Chung, Project Manager and Site Lead at Delta PM!

Paul Chung Picture.jpg

1. How has your experience with Delta been fulfilling and different?

Three years ago, Delta PM relocated me from Austin, TX to the Bay Area.  Within my first year, I quickly realized that Delta PM didn’t just hire me to fill a job position, but to really invest in me and my professional growth.  Scott recognized my drive and put me in a position to help Delta grow into what it has become today.  Delta PM has also been very transparent with their mission and is always open to my ideas.  This is a huge perk because other companies may not really care what you think.  It feels great knowing that I have control of my future and that Delta PM is there to support me.

2. What does your role entail? 

I’m currently managing multiple capital projects at a client site.  My fundamental responsibilities are to manage the project budget, schedule, and scope.  However, the day-to-day tasks are always changing and challenging.  As a project manager, I learn to identify strengths within the team, encourage problem-solving, and focus on the common team goal.

I am also a Site Lead for Delta, which means I have the pleasure of introducing and onboarding new Delta team members to the client.  This allows me to see and help grow Delta's presence on-site. 

3. How would you characterize your team?

I would characterize my team as diverse. We have a few Deltoids in Validation, Engineering, and Project Management. We work on different projects, but we’re there for each other at all times.  If I ever have a question or concern, it’s easy to ask for advice and support from my fellow teammates.

4. What’s your favorite company memory?

Delta PM has the best holiday parties!  I get to reminisce with old coworkers on previous projects and I also get to meet new Deltoids within the company.  The last holiday party was very memorable because Delta put together a farewell video for one of the co-founders, Matt, who was and still is instrumental to the success of Delta PM today.