"Hi, I'm Stacy!" - Meet Delta's Validation PM of 2 Years & New Regional Lead of San Diego!

After leading a team of validation engineers to successfully complete a large capital project at Bayer, Stacy Pham was promoted to San Diego Regional Lead.  She will be overseeing the planning of industry events and strategizing how to grow Delta's presence and reach in the greater San Diego region.

Here's more about her journey with Delta:

Stacy Pham.jpg

1. Why did you join Delta? HOW Has it Been fulfilling or different? 

Working as consultants, we are typically considered expendable and replaceable, and are treated as such.  However, all my talks with Stephanie, Feras, and Matt showed me that they cared not only about the skills I could provide, but also about me, as a person.  After I joined DPM, my potential was visible to the team, and I was nurtured to the professional I am today.  I have never had this much support in my whole career! 

2. What does your role entail? 

As a Project Manager, my role predominantly focuses on working with clients to ensure the scope of work is within the desired budget and timeframe, in addition to overseeing an execution team of Biotech professionals.  As a Regional Lead, I am now also responsible for further developing Delta in the greater San Diego area.  It’s a new challenge that I am looking forward to exploring!

3. How would you characterize your team?

I would characterize my team like a puzzle; everyone brings a different skillset and complexity, and when you put the right pieces together, it’s complete and beautiful.

4. What’s your favorite company memory?

It was the first time we had set up a booth for the ISPE Annual Meeting; anytime you set up a booth, you’re expected to talk to everyone from students to managers to CEOs, promoting your company to potential clients or employees.  Right before the first exhibition session, I started some small talk with Colin (Delta PM's Director of Client Services).  Clearly, we are both employees and do not need sell each other on Delta, but we found ourselves organically hyping each other up about Delta!  It’s great to work for a company that the employees truly love working for.