Meet Kelcy Cheng, our Technical Account Manager at Delta PM!

Kelcy Cheng was previously a Project Manager at Delta for 2 years before taking on her current Technical Account Manager role.  She came to the Bay Area from the Midwest in 2015 with her husband, Dan, and Toby, their Siberian husky.  In her free time, she can be found eating, exploring, and visiting local breweries. 

1.  Why did you join Delta PM? how is your role fulfilling?

The pride that the Principals have in their team, the care and support they provide, the dynamic of the operations team, how genuinely supportive everyone is at achieving common values – people-focused, transparency, and providing quality services to the clients – those were the reasons I decided that I wanted to be a Deltoid!

My role is fulfilling because I am continuously learning and being challenged.  The support and level of trust that Delta has in me has allowed me to grow in my career.

2.  What does your position entail?

In general, my responsibilities include managing client relationships and several accounts in the Bay Area, in addition to supporting project teams in validation approaches, project planning, and delivery strategies.  My day-to-day responsibilities vary depending on my clients’ and our business needs.   

3.  How would you characterize your team?

I am lucky to work with a diverse group of very talented people.  Everyone brings unique skill sets, backgrounds, and personalities.  I may not be impartial, but I have to agree with one of my clients who likes to say that I have the “best team".

4.    What’s your favorite company memory?

My favorite company memory would be from last year's Holiday Party when the 3 principals, Matt Snyder, Scott Kobayashi, and Feras Al-Zubaidy, gave a speech about Delta and the exciting future we are heading towards. It ended with a surprise – a beautiful video that all of the Deltoids put together in bidding farewell to Matt.  The reaction on Matt’s face and the love I felt throughout the room at that time was my favorite memory of Delta.