Meet Kirelos Habib, Our Site Lead & Account Manager in New York!

"Hi, my name is Kirelos, but please just call me Kero -- it's easier on everyone this way. I was born in Egypt, but raised in California. My degree is in Molecular Neuroscience, and I am a Validation Engineer/Site Lead/Account Manager, currently on-site in New York.

First I must thank Feras, Scott, and Matt for providing me with this opportunity to represent Delta in the East Coast as an Account Manager. Without your mentoring and confidence in me, I would not be where I am today. I am proud to say that my experience with Delta PM has always been incredibly fruitful from day one.

My initial conversation with Matt got New York stuck in my head. I would obsess about taking the huge risk in leaving all my friends and family behind in California for a job in New York. I struggled to make the decision, losing much sleep in the process. I took it as a positive sign that I received my offer letter on my birthday. From there, Feras galvanized this decision by sharing with me a brief synopsis of his life story in the middle of a mall in Costa Mesa. His transparency made me confident in my decision to take on this challenge. Soon after I was able to meet all three founders in a rooftop restaurant in LA. Scott inspired me by portraying what is possible in this industry, and making it tangible. I knew at that moment that Delta would treat me well.

Landing in New York, I gave myself a week in an AirBnB to find a car and a place to live. It was a close call, but I managed to achieve both. I was faced with many unique challenges that were new to me, yet I loved overcoming each and every one. I found humor and beauty in the fact that, in today's society, an Egyptian Engineer had to shovel snow before reporting to work to a facility that biologically manufactured molecular treatments that would utterly baffle our ancestors.

Day by day, Delta's presence became more familiar to Regeneron management. My role grew as well with each passing day, from being the sole Deltoid on site to leading a team of Deltoids. I helped foster Delta's presence and we now have Boston office!

In 2017, Delta has grown immensely. I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for us.”