Meet Alex Elcenko, Technical Writer at Delta PM!

_N8A2352_Alexander Elcenko.jpg

1. Why did you join Delta pm? 

Despite being unemployed at the time, Delta approached me with an opportunity that would have been foolish to refuse even if I was fully employed at that time.  Matt was incredibly forthcoming and real about the role he presented me and how he could see my personality easily fitting into Delta's culture.  And all of this was discussed over a sushi lunch on Valentines Day (#bromance)!


2. how has your experience with Delta been fulfilling and different? 

My experience with Delta has been fulfilling because it had been some time since I felt worthy and valued.  Additionally, I have family members who take medication from the client I would be working for.  That being said, there was an added reinforcement to not only succeed for my family members sake but also for Delta's success! 

My role emphasizes and aligns distinctively with aspects of my past experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed and still do now.  To some degree, I have even been able to utilize my new Project Management skill set from my recent Project Management Certification. A perfect match!

Working with Delta has been different, for the better, because of the culture.  Unlike the giant contracting companies out there, Feras, Scott and Matt have grown a respectable, profitable, personable, and fun company culture.  I may never fully understand how they did this, but I am truly grateful and proud to call myself a Deltoid!


3. What does your role entail? 

My role centers around continuous improvement and operational excellence initiatives for departments whose work is more downstream in the biotech manufacturing industry.  The client has been very accommodating too, by allowing a flexible schedule and also recently authorizing me to work from home as needed. 

The work load varies day-to-day and week-to-week.  The ebb and flow of it all keeps me sharp and on my toes.  Certainly, as a quasi-consultant/pseudo-contractor, the hardest part has been being diplomatic with the different department representatives, knowing they all have their quirks and expect things a certain way.  Despite this difficulty, I have been able to stabilize, standardize and succeed within this realm due to my motto, "Passion, Patience,  Perseverance!"

The specifics of my work focus on identifying, influencing, and implementing change in a controlled manner for the client, which allows for efficient and effective processes, systems, and programs to flourish.  On top of that, I have been providing routine Status Reports and Compliance Metrics to my department's Sr. Management. 

Did I mention, during the 4 years I've been at the headquarters campus, the client company has gone through massive growth, conversion from solely an R&D business model to a clinical GMP site, as well as, build-up to 24/7 coverage?  I am very lucky to have experienced all of this as a result of joining Delta's team!


4. How would you characterize your team?

My standalone role within the client team plays into my more introverted nature.  There are several other Deltoids in another functional areas at the client site, and we meet for lunch every now and then.  I get along very well with all of them.

We've also had a couple team-building outings with Deltoids in similar roles at other sites.  My other on-site "team members" were even kind enough to make some fun entries into the Baby Pool for my first child!


5. What’s your favorite company memory?

My favorite company memory has to be our 2016 Spring snow trip up to Squaw Valley.  I must admit, I had initially thought that I was accidentally invited because it seemed like more of a retreat for the Delta "big wigs".  Feras must have felt that I could contribute and/or would enjoy shredding the slopes. 

Anyway, after a raucous dinner, plenty of Feras' boisterous story telling, and what seemed like barrels of wines consumed, those of us who braved the low temps outside made it to our rooms around 3am.  Around 7:30am, I hear a pounding noise.  What I thought was my wine hangover ended up being a fireman in full gear telling me that the building is on fire and that I needed to gather my belongings and exit the room as soon as possible.  Thinking this might be some prank or Delta initiation, I leisurely woke up and made my way out to see a an armada of fire trucks across the parking lot.  Apparently, the chimney for the main fireplace in the bar area was ablaze and shooting out the top like jet engine.  With a brief 'OMG', I began to hustle to the gathering location.  Long story short, I had an amazing time bonding with my Delta peers!