Share your Single-Use Technology expertise with Delta PM & ISPE!


Single Use Systems have increased their rate of adoption in biopharmaceutical manufacturing in the last several years. Unfortunately, however, the industry lacks a full understanding of the unintended consequences and challenges slowing the adoption of Single Use technologies.

This short survey intends to spark conversations and begin addressing some of these issues. We value your time and insights, so please feel free to enter your email address to be entered into a drawing for your choice of a $200 International Smoke gift card or a $500 donation made in your name to the Butte County Firefighter Benevolent Foundation for the firefighters affected by the Camp Fire. Email addresses will not be provided to vendors and your responses will remain confidential. 

The results from the survey will be analyzed and published by Delta PM and ISPE to provide further insights to the biopharmaceutical industry. Our goal is to highlight challenges of Single Use Systems implementation, facilitate a deeper discussion about these concerns, and help our industry better collaborate with Single Use suppliers and vendors.