Meet Aaron Hubbell, our East Coast Regional Director at Delta PM!


1. Why Did You choose to Join Delta PM?

I had been looking for an opportunity to use my technical and organizational expertise in a business role for some time. Feras and I have been friends for a number of years and he called me to discuss Delta's plans to expand to the East Coast. The job description that he described was almost exactly what I was looking for — a role where I could leverage my years of technical experience in a business-specific environment, where I'd have high level accountability for a function or region.

What closed the deal was meeting Scott and the Ops Team and seeing their belief in the company, learning how Delta is different, and listening to the team talk about their shared vision for the company.

2. What does Your Role Entail?

At the most basic level, I'm accountable for building and growing our East Coast operation. The details behind that are fairly complex and every day is different, but depending on the hour or the day, I can be onsite managing a client relationship, at an industry event seeking out new business opportunities, working with our recruiting team to identify and onboard new employees, huddling with my team to strategize regional business development plans, helping my consulting colleagues with technical content or presentations, or building operational infrastructure. I get bored doing the same thing day after day, so there's a lot for me to love about this job.

3. How Has the Industry Changed Over the Years?

Wow, it's easier to talk about what hasn’t changed! Production technologies, disposables, automation and big data, continuous processing, interconnectivity, regenerative medicine, RNA therapies — you name it, it's all new!

What hasn't changed is the need for bright, inquisitive, hard-working people to bring innovative treatments to the market. Ultimately, people discover therapies, develop and commercialize processes, and optimize manufacturing to ensure cost-effective medicines make their way to patients. Technologies will change, but people can learn new skills, master new processes, and learn how to grow in this industry. Companies need to remember that we don't run without people and that people are our greatest asset. That has always been and always will continue to be the case.

4. How Would You Characterize Your Team?

Rock stars? Ninjas? Navy SEALs? But seriously, I have a small team of heavy hitters who are providing amazing client experiences here in the Northeast, and we are using their current assignments as springboards to grow and expand across the East Coast. My consulting team ranges from very bright hard working people with just a couple years of industry experience to managers and senior engineers with deep expertise in bioprocess equipment and systems. I like to extend the Delta philosophy of people helping wherever they can by engaging our onsite consultants in business development and recruiting activities as their client responsibilities allow.

5. How Has Your Experience with Delta Been Fulfilling or Different?

My work history is 18 years with large companies, so the lack of red tape, bureaucracy, and overhead has been refreshing and exciting. If I believe in moving in a certain direction, Scott and Feras will support me and back me up, knowing that I'm fully accountable for the success or failure of my ideas and initiatives.

Also, Delta has a start-up mentality where everyone does a bit of everything — we roll up our sleeves and get to work to make our processes and systems better. Knowing that everyone can play multiple roles — a Recruiter who also does Marketing, an Account Manager who also writes VMPs, and a Sales Director who also builds HR systems — makes for a vibrant team where diversity really is our strength.

6. What's Your Favorite Company Memory?

I've only been with Delta for three months so I don't have a huge portfolio of memories just yet, but my favorite so far was when I travelled to San Francisco HQ to interview with the team. I asked Scott about his expansion and growth philosophy and clearly recall him saying, "We want to grow because we owe it to our people. We can't provide growth and professional development to our people if we aren't expanding our regions and client base." My immediate reaction was that I must work at this company because that concept resonated so deeply with me.