Delta PM is on the move!

Delta PM has had tremendous growth since its founding during 2006 by Feras, Scott, and Matt. We recognize all organizations must evolve, so we have been evaluating how to better serve all of our employees, clients, and ultimately, the patients, who rely on safe and effective therapies. We have made significant strategic investments in our people and processes during the past few years, and now as we move into 2018, we are pleased to announce that we have elevated Feras to the Executive Chairman role and have also promoted Scott to CEO.

Under Feras’ leadership over the past 12 years, Delta has grown from a 3-person firm serving just one client to a firm consisting of 70+ talented professionals working with clients in the Bay Area, Southern California, Seattle, Boston, and Houston. We now provide a wide array of services that enhance and augment the work that these companies are doing in their respective industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, and gene therapy. Feras will continue to be actively involved at Delta, by providing more thought leadership, developing our talent, and playing a pivotal role as we expand into new markets moving forward.

Effective January 1, 2018, Scott has taken over the role of CEO. We want to recognize the extraordinary contributions he has made in building our infrastructure, hiring a great team, and focusing on creating a healthy and sustainable organization. In this role, Scott will dedicate his time and efforts to managing the key functional areas of the company. We firmly believe that these changes will result in a more robust organization that will continue to grow, and allow us to make good on the promises of delivering the best service to our clients.

Here's to many more exciting years and growth ahead with Delta PM!

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