Onwards & Upwards with Delta PM!

As we reflected on all that Delta Project Management, Inc. had achieved and grown to be during our 10 year anniversary, we also envisioned bigger dreams for our future. We proceeded to film videos to showcase our culture and values that set us apart in this industry, launched our new website in April, and have been working on revamping our logo and expanding our online presence this past year. 

Which brings us to our newly rebranded logo. The delta symbol is a triangle, which represents change, innovation, and adaptability. Our industry is an ever-changing one and we pride ourselves in our ability to be agile and stay ahead of the curve in how we approach consulting, foster our internal culture, and maintain our relationships with clients. The 3 equal pieces of the triangle represent Delta's 3 co-founders, Feras, Matt, and Scott, along with the equal importance of all those we come into contact with: our employees, our clients, and the patients who use these products. The interlocking of these pieces represent the close-knit and collaborative nature of our team in relation to one another, as well as our clients.

We also stuck with our original blue color scheme, which presents our brand as dependable and trustworthy and aligns with our core values of Integrity and Excellence. Lastly, we decided to make 'delta' lowercase to represent the personable and approachable nature of our team. We are first and foremost a People-Focused company, and are excited to finally launch our new logo that embodies a more accurate representation of who we are and what we stand for. Cheers!