Delta PM Attends the 26th Annual ISPE LA Chapter Vendor Night!

“Last week, a few of our Delta PM team attended the ISPE LA Chapter Vendor Night. I flew down to Los Angeles from the SF Bay Area, along with Hye-Min Oh, one of Delta’s Senior Recruiters and Marketing Lead. Stacy Pham, our San Diego Regional Lead and Validation Project Manager, also drove up from San Diego to meet us there.

I’d like to give a special shoutout to Quy Tran, the LA Chapter Vendor Night Chair, for being so bold as to select a really unique and historic venue for this event. A big thank you to the entire ISPE Greater Los Angeles Area Chapter leadership for putting on a great Vendor Night and for bringing us together for networking and furthering discussions around technical topics, such as Pharma 4.0 and Data Management. We had a great time and are looking forward to seeing you all again at future events!”

- Scott Kobayashi, CEO of Delta PM

Delta PM Attends ISPE's Women in Pharma Event!

“People who know me know that I have a difficult time attending events due to my fear of networking.  I am very glad that I didn’t let my fear stop me from attending my first ISPE event and that I also got to share this experience with other members of our professional community.  Everyone was so welcoming! Everyone was also eager to ask difficult questions and share their experiences.

The Women in Pharma event made me realize that the keys to success in this industry include: learning from the experiences of others, applying those lessons to your own development, and taking risks that fit with your vision of where you want to go. There’s no one-path-fits-all here, no magical equation to be successful.  It was very motivating to spend the night with colleagues who were willing to openly share about experiences that may have been difficult in the past, but were turned into stepping stones as they moved forward in their career.  Getting over my fear of networking is one of my top goals for this next year.”

- Diana Herrera, Senior Process Engineer at Delta PM

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“I am thankful for having had the opportunity to attend the ISPE Women in Pharma event, where I witnessed insightful discussions among fearless women in Pharma.  I strongly connected with the topics that were discussed, as a female director who had transitioned from being a consulting engineer to now actively managing Delta PM‘s Bay Area Operations.  I would like to share a few key takeaways from fellow women in Pharma that resonated powerfully with me:

“Don’t let the fear of taking on a new role and leaving engineering behind stop you from achieving your full potential.” – Anamica Srinivasaragavan, BioMarin

“It is important to set healthy boundaries and have a mentor who can provide you guidance in your career.” – Andrea Karlsson, Boehringer Ingelheim

“Always learn something in every situation you are in and have a different perspective.” – Kathy Yi, Sangamo Therapeutics

“Believe in yourself and push your limits, defy the odds.” – Janet Wendorf, Bayer

Don’t sell yourself short” – Tasha Tenturier, Intellipro

This was an absolutely powerful and enlightening night and I’m looking forward to the next Women In Pharma event!”

- Kelcy Cheng, Bay Area Regional Director at Delta PM

Delta PM’s Aaron Hubbell Assists in Launching ISPE Boston’s First Half-Day PM Conference!

“I had the privilege of helping the ISPE Boston Chapter organize their first half-day conference. This was my first time working behind-the-scenes, but I shouldn't have been surprised by the amount of work required to bring a conference such as this from concept to reality.

The Educational Programs Committee worked from the beginning of the year to identify the topic, date, location, and speakers. As a team, we decided that Project Management would be the overall focus, given the huge number of capital projects underway in the Boston life sciences space. We also decided to hone in on the culture of project management, meaning what we could do to ensure we build the right culture within our projects to ensure success. 

My small role in all of this was to work with one of our speakers on finalizing a topic for the session, develop the content together, and manage the logistics for the session. Steve Marr, Takeda's Head of Capital, was my assigned speaker within the track of "Tools and Techniques for Effective Project Management." Steve proposed a talk centering on Shire/Takeda's 2018 Facility of the Year Award winner, Los Angeles Building 8. The story behind Building 8 was fascinating, featuring various design challenges, such as integration into an existing operational site without interruption of services, siting the new building less than 6 inches from an existing adjacent building, and relocating half-century-old utility services with layout diagrams just as old as the utilities themselves!

In the end, Takeda's LA Building 8 was successful and represents an excellent model for new construction on an older site with sever footprint limitations — proven by the FOYA accolades.

The other conference sessions were quite interesting as well, with a riveting keynote from Pfizer's Gil Stevens and conference tracks focusing on Organizational Culture, Strategies and Tactics, and Tools and Techniques. I enjoyed being behind-the-scenes and helping out with the organizational duties, and am looking forward to next year's conference!”

- Aaron Hubbell, East Coast Regional Director at Delta PM

Veronica Torchia, Validation Engineer at Delta PM, Shares Her Journey as a Consultant!

  1. Why did you choose to pursue consulting?

    After working in the industry for several years and being exposed to many different roles, validation seemed like the best fit. I also wanted the freedom that consulting allowed. Having the opportunity to broaden my skillset by working on a variety of projects at a variety of locations is a dream come true!

  2. Why did you join Delta PM?

    I had only heard good things about Delta regarding the culture, the opportunity for growth, and the awesome people from Deltoids I had met at previous positions. I also experienced it all firsthand throughout the interview process.

  3. How has your experience with Delta been fulfilling or different? 

    The ability to expand my knowledge and skill set by working on so many different projects has been incredibly fulfilling. Even more so is the encouragement, guidance, and knowledge shared by the Delta PM team, which has empowered me to continue to grow and develop. Through Delta, I have also had numerous opportunities to attend industry events, where I’m constantly learning about new advancements or better ways of doing things. All of this ensures that my role never feels stale.

  4. How would you characterize your team?

    The Delta team is extremely supportive, so that even working on a solo project never feels isolating. I know I can always reach out to my coworkers with questions or for support. Plus, there are awesome company events where everyone is able to come together to catch up.

Delta PM’s Team Reppin’ at the ISPE SF Vendor Night!

“ISPE SF Vendor night was a first for me. It was fascinating to finally meet some of my West Coast Delta colleagues and spend time with those whom I have not yet had the chance meet in-person. The event was full of passionate individuals, and I was really impressed with the turnout at Oracle Park. A group of Delta employees attended and I felt proud to be a part of such an amazing team of smart, talented, and driven people. I am looking forward to the future, as we continue to strengthen our culture and build relationships in emerging markets.”

- Eric Nelsen, East Coast Validation Manager at Delta PM

“Delta PM hosted a booth again for the Annual SF Bay Area Vendor Night at Oracle Park (formerly AT&T Park). This year’s theme was Monte Carlo, so we had a roulette game, blow-up dice, and a green card cloth for our table. Our booth was on a corner, so we gathered quite a crowd with new and old faces alike.  Our team had a great time meeting and catching up with clients, old colleagues, and prospective candidates and partners for our business.

ISPE Vendor Night showcases amazing new products that are being used in the industry, but it’s also a way for everyone in the Bay Area (and non-locals who come out) to get together once a year and discuss what progress has been made at their labs and workplaces. These discussions focus on the diversity of personnel, lab expansions, new construction, and using the best form of intellect to find a cure in their prospective clinical trials. 

Our team and some others we met at the event headed to Lucky Strike afterwards to enjoy everyone's company and continue our conversations over some bites, drinks, and bowling.  It was a fun night and was great to see some old faces and hangout with the rest of the team!”

- Allison Shaw, Recruiter at Delta PM

Delta PM’s Women Inspired by the ISPE LA’s No Boundaries Panel Discussion Last Month

“No Boundaries on March 7th in Irvine, CA was an inspiring night and the first of its kind. Thao Nguyen, Chair of the Los Angeles ISPE chapter, set the tone for the night by sharing what “No Boundaries” meant to her as a woman in Engineering and Pharma. She then introduced Ariel Kramer, Chief Communications Officer of CELLINK, who served as the moderator for the discussion. The panelists for the evening included Angela Swanton, Site General Manager at TEVA Pharmaceuticals; Jessica Rousset, Chief Operating Officer at CURE Pharmaceutical Corporation; Linda Soo Hoo, PhD, Associate Director of Technical Services at Gilead Sciences; and Elizabeth (Liz) Orwin, PhD, Engineering Department Chair at Harvey Mudd College.  As an attendee, I had the privilege of seeing an intimate glimpse of what No Boundaries meant to each of the panelists. Jessica advised attendees to view every task as an opportunity, to build a reputation with everything you do, and to always be bold and curious. Angela credited a deliberate development plan to have paved her road to her current state. Linda reminded us to be fearless and fear less, while also being less hard on ourselves. In summary, the consensus was to not let boundaries be imposed onto you, but instead create personal boundaries that facilitate your vision – a message that resonated with the room.”

- Nicole Haddad, Validation Project Manager at Delta PM