Meet Sumaiya Reza, our Director of Client Services at Delta PM!


1. Why did you choose to join Delta PM?

Delta PM is more than just a company; it’s a community – built and upheld by driven, purposeful people with the goal of making a significant impact in the lives we touch and bringing the best we can to our field. The fact that this is a foundational understanding at Delta reveals a lot about the value and character of our firm. Delta PM is an organization that I am excited and proud to stand with, as we continue to create excellence and help drive our industry to greater heights.

2. How has your experience at Delta been fulfilling or different? 

Having worked in many different disciplines in the biopharmaceutical field, from R&D and Quality to Process Engineering and Project Management, I’ve been on both the client end as well as the provider side of consulting prior to joining Delta PM. The difference is in Delta’s approach to providing the best in service and the intentionality in providing the right skills and resources to meet our clients’ needs.

Delta PM consistently delivers top-notch services, especially when it comes to customer focus and diligence in delivering results efficiently and effectively. There is great connectivity between the clients, consultants, and operations team, and the leaders of the organization are always open to discussion and improvement. This type of candid, constructive, and team-oriented atmosphere has been very refreshing to be a part of.

3. What does your role at Delta PM entail? 

As the Director of Client Services for Delta PM, my role encompasses the client-facing side of the business, including project discussions, business development, and account management responsibilities. I partner with our consultants working at our various client sites to bring a thorough understanding of the Delta difference through our successful execution of project deliverables, as well as providing productivity and insight to our clients.

4. How would you characterize your team?

There is a saying on life and business:

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.”

The trademark that’s been created by our Delta team is remarkable and reflective of the initiative, drive, and acumen that the top talent in our industry hold. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Delta community and work alongside such a wonderful team.

5. What’s your favorite memory so far with Delta PM? 

We recently had a Delta Giants game night at AT&T Park, where many of the Bay Area team came out to enjoy the game and spend time together. The talks, laughs, and sitting under the lights at the stadium watching the world together will forever be set in my memory. We had an awesome encounter with Lou Seal, the Giant’s mascot, who visited us in our suite. And also, had a game ball that landed in the bleachers end up in the hands of one of our team members, who has been and always will be the ultimate Giants fan — now who can top that?

Scott Kobayashi, CEO of Delta PM, visits the ISPE Boston Chapter!

“A couple weeks ago, I attended the ISPE Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference in Boston, MA. It was a very well organized event with engaging speakers, networking, socials, and facility tours. Many of the speakers focused on topics that included ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) manufacturing scale-up, how it compares to traditional mAb manufacturing, various issues around integrating different single-use technology platforms, and unique supply chain issues associated with delivering personalized medicines.”


“A highlight of the conference was an event called Balance for Better in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing. The overarching theme was how to achieve better gender balance within our industry. A panel of speakers discussed building balanced leadership teams and recruiting from college engineering programs, as well as how to take ownership of your career, the process of finding a mentor, and how to take on responsibility and then deliver.

I enjoyed the breakout sessions within each table. My table in particular spoke to the group about the importance of pushing STEM curriculums as early as possible in the educational system, in order to achieve a balanced recruiting effort and address the significant gender imbalance which may already be established at the college level.”


“I also had a great time connecting with our growing Delta PM team based in Boston. Very excited for what our future holds!”

- Scott Kobayashi, CEO of Delta PM

Robert Cakounes, Kirill Sinyavsky, Stan Liu, Scott Kobayashi, and Eric Nelsen

Robert Cakounes, Kirill Sinyavsky, Stan Liu, Scott Kobayashi, and Eric Nelsen

Stacy Pham, Validation PM and San Diego Regional Lead, shares what set apart her consulting experience at Delta PM!

IMG_20190509_172633 (1).jpg

Some of the few contractors I had worked with at the beginning of my career were highly-specialized team members flown in from across the States in order to fill a temporary void; then after a couple months, they would return to their normal lives. Now, desired contractors have shifted to becoming local employees who are experimental team members, where skills are tested for trust and permanence on the team, regardless of what company you might work for. So, developing with a team, no matter who it is comprised of, is an important skill for contractors. 

I started my career in a contract manufacturing position, where I had a phone interview and was immediately placed. All of my paperwork was faxed or emailed and I never interfaced with the team in-person, until I was hired on as a full-time employee. I learned a lot from the position, but it became clear that my role would not develop and no change would come, regardless of being full-time or not. I continued to transition between full-time positions, as I outgrew the position. 

Then along came Delta PM, who flipped my experience with consulting upside-down. My hiring process with Delta was the total polar opposite of my first. After 2 phone interviews, I was able to meet others who worked for Delta PM and hear their insights about the company; this experience was much more personal and reflective of how I would be treated as an employee of Delta. While working at my first site, I met up with the Account Manager at least every other week, and he took the time to get to know me. Over time, consulting with Delta gave me the chance to nurture my validation and project management skills and easily transition into new and exciting roles. I also recently received my PMP certification through Delta as well!

In the first 2 years since I started working with Delta PM, I have transitioned from a Validation Engineer to a Project Manager, and am now the Regional Lead for San Diego. Delta PM has made me a part of every team and treated me as a valued asset. I would not have had the chance to develop and grow as much as I did without the trust and confidence my teams have had in me! 

Meet Daniela Escobedo, Validation Engineer at Delta PM!

  1. Why did you choose to pursue consulting and how did you get into it?

    I like the freedom and flexibility in taking on dynamic projects as a consultant. I also enjoy being able to network with many people and gain experience with a variety of systems that are important in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Initially, I wasn’t aware of what consulting was. I discovered it as an option during my job search four years ago and was instantly interested in the traveling aspect. After my first project, I came to the realization that I had made the right choice. I have found that each project I take on has its own set of challenges and my troubleshooting abilities grow with each completion.

  2. Why did you choose to join Delta PM?

    I chose Delta PM after networking with Delta employees while I was on various projects. They had nothing but positive things to say about the company and it was apparent that they were satisfied with their job and unaffected by the pressures that one could feel on challenging projects. It was indicative to me of the support system that the company and employees provide — something I have now had the privilege of experiencing first-hand.


  3. How has your experience with Delta been fulfilling or different?

    Working at Delta PM has been a great experience, as consulting has been the catalyst to my personal and professional development. Growing up as an introvert, I never imagined I would end up enjoying the prospect of meeting new people and working in different settings. I have had the privilege of working with bright minds and cutting edge equipment, and contributing to the pharmaceutical industry. There’s always more to learn, which I greatly enjoy.

    It’s also very apparent that there’s a lot of effort invested in developing a company culture at Delta that’s inclusive of us in the LA area. There are no reservations in reaching out to anyone and receiving technical advice. Working with great people encourages me to network for future project opportunities. All of these elements have empowered me to develop and seek growth in my career. 

  4. How would you characterize your team?

    I have an awesome team! Everyone has been very welcoming, supportive, and open to addressing any questions. It’s been great working with like-minded, driven people who are willing to put in quality effort to get projects completed.   

  5. Any other Consulting best practices, tips, or career advice?

    Anyone interested in consulting can be successful by being open to challenges, a new work environment, and being alone or in a group to complete a project. Project deadlines, people, and challenges vary and it’s up to the consultant to make the best assessment of the situation and move forward.

Eric Nelsen, Northeast Validation Manager, shares about his experience consulting with Delta PM!


1. Why did you choose to pursue consulting?

Consulting offers a tremendous opportunity for professional growth and an undercurrent of merit-based opportunities that reward performance. There are so many niches in the industry that most consultants seem to find something that fits them perfectly. Pursuing a career in consulting is one of the most effective ways to build a vast and valuable network, since it allows you to work with multiple clients and stakeholders and build relationships across multiple organizations.


2. How did you get into Consulting?

I entered the consulting arena in 2014 through a networking opportunity with industry colleagues, and my first assignment was a project with an R&D Validation group working on Analytical Laboratory Qualification. This was a “stretch” role for me at this point in my career, so it was a challenge, as I was building upon a skill set outside of my initial comfort level. My skills were rather junior, but I was given the opportunity to prove myself. I quickly became the “go-to” resource on our team to take on additional projects and keep the team moving forward. I knew that I wanted to continue to push myself and develop my skill set, so it became apparent rather quickly that consulting was the correct career path for me.

3. Why did you decide to join Delta PM?

Delta’s mission is to deliver successful outcomes for our patients through exceptional work and going above and beyond our capacity to meet our clients’ expectations. With Delta PM, you are getting a network of Life Science professionals with a wide range of technical offerings, in addition to a successful track record of executing compliance-related projects and a reputation for delivering quality work on-time and on-budget. Delta PM’s core competencies as an organization align almost identically with my personal values as a biopharma consultant, so I was humbled that my reputation after 7 years of professional work experience enabled me to work for such an admirable organization. 

4. How has your experience with Delta PM been fulfilling or different? 

Employees at all levels within Delta are empowered to make internal recommendations or suggestions for improvement within the organization, which has been a very fulfilling experience. As a firm with an aggressive growth strategy to expand our footprint globally, there is an emphasis on teamwork with our current staff to ensure a collaborative effort is maintained throughout all phases of our approach for expansion. Delta PM’s trust and confidence in its employees is unlike any organization I have worked for and this is one of most motivating aspects of working with them.

5. What does your role at Delta PM entail? 

I am accountable for providing technical leadership support to DPM staff at various client sites, as well as business development throughout the East Coast region. Some of my specific responsibilities include facilitation of new customer relationships, sales, and account management, RFP response, scope and labor estimate(s), and technical screening for evaluation of internal candidates. I am also utilized as a billable consultant for niche projects that align well with my technical background in Validation and Engineering.  

6. What is your favorite company memory? 

The 2018 DPM Holiday Party has been a very fond memory for me. Every member of the East Coast team came together and we were able to bond on a personal level and celebrate the year’s successes — the most notable success being the significant increase in headcount within the East Coast region compared to previous years.

7. Any Consulting best practices, tips, or other career advice you’d like to share?

Establishing trust with the client is one of the most critical factors to be considered, as it can be very difficult to re-establish good rapport with your coworkers if that relationship is compromised. It is also important to note that your behavior, attitude, and willingness to take on additional responsibilities above and beyond your assigned day-to-day tasks is often considered to be a direct reflection of the company that you represent.

The Delta PM Ops Team Goes Climbing!

A couple weeks ago, our SF-based Ops team went to Planet Granite for some team-building fun. Who knew that teaching one another to climb and hanging off walls could be so bonding? We had a great time cheering each other on and got some delicious bites and drinks at Radhaus afterwards. Can’t wait to see what our next team outing will bring!


Delta PM Attends the 26th Annual ISPE LA Chapter Vendor Night!

“Last week, a few of our Delta PM team attended the ISPE LA Chapter Vendor Night. I flew down to Los Angeles from the SF Bay Area, along with Hye-Min Oh, one of Delta’s Senior Recruiters and Marketing Lead. Stacy Pham, our San Diego Regional Lead and Validation Project Manager, also drove up from San Diego to meet us there.

I’d like to give a special shoutout to Quy Tran, the LA Chapter Vendor Night Chair, for being so bold as to select a really unique and historic venue for this event. A big thank you to the entire ISPE Greater Los Angeles Area Chapter leadership for putting on a great Vendor Night and for bringing us together for networking and furthering discussions around technical topics, such as Pharma 4.0 and Data Management. We had a great time and are looking forward to seeing you all again at future events!”

- Scott Kobayashi, CEO of Delta PM

Delta PM Attends ISPE's Women in Pharma Event!

“People who know me know that I have a difficult time attending events due to my fear of networking.  I am very glad that I didn’t let my fear stop me from attending my first ISPE event and that I also got to share this experience with other members of our professional community.  Everyone was so welcoming! Everyone was also eager to ask difficult questions and share their experiences.

The Women in Pharma event made me realize that the keys to success in this industry include: learning from the experiences of others, applying those lessons to your own development, and taking risks that fit with your vision of where you want to go. There’s no one-path-fits-all here, no magical equation to be successful.  It was very motivating to spend the night with colleagues who were willing to openly share about experiences that may have been difficult in the past, but were turned into stepping stones as they moved forward in their career.  Getting over my fear of networking is one of my top goals for this next year.”

- Diana Herrera, Senior Process Engineer at Delta PM

Image from iOS (110).jpg

“I am thankful for having had the opportunity to attend the ISPE Women in Pharma event, where I witnessed insightful discussions among fearless women in Pharma.  I strongly connected with the topics that were discussed, as a female director who had transitioned from being a consulting engineer to now actively managing Delta PM‘s Bay Area Operations.  I would like to share a few key takeaways from fellow women in Pharma that resonated powerfully with me:

“Don’t let the fear of taking on a new role and leaving engineering behind stop you from achieving your full potential.” – Anamica Srinivasaragavan, BioMarin

“It is important to set healthy boundaries and have a mentor who can provide you guidance in your career.” – Andrea Karlsson, Boehringer Ingelheim

“Always learn something in every situation you are in and have a different perspective.” – Kathy Yi, Sangamo Therapeutics

“Believe in yourself and push your limits, defy the odds.” – Janet Wendorf, Bayer

Don’t sell yourself short” – Tasha Tenturier, Intellipro

This was an absolutely powerful and enlightening night and I’m looking forward to the next Women In Pharma event!”

- Kelcy Cheng, Bay Area Regional Director at Delta PM